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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"I don't understand the dynamic in the office right now..."

As Mike puts it, "There is too much to do and not enough people to do it!" Yup. Welcome to September.

It's meaningful to me that the Earth came into being in an explosion of light. Before that there was, what? A wind in the void? August breezes whistling through our vacation-emptied skulls? Beginnings are possible because of a collision of ideas, circumstances, and environmental forces. Right now I feel full of potential. I also feel full of fear and humility. How will I ever rise to the challenge of being student, employee, writer, pastor, spouse? It all feels foreign and unachievable. Still, I know from beginnings and endings pass that I will succeed or fail in each of these goals. I will be late, and inattentive, and surly. And I will begin again. As we do.

This year we are going to participate in the impossible launch of five new ideas. Off they will go, into the void, after all of the work we've done. And so will we, to some degree. We are always pursuing the next impossible goal.

Before we fling ourselves into the new world of our potential, then, let me say... I love it here. Specifically here. I am grateful for an office like this, a theater like this, colleagues and friends like these. Thanks for all of the hard work we are about to do together. Good job. -- Lourey

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