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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This time of year

It is this time of year that I like my job the best. Desks and file cabinets are cleaned out for a year's worth of making new plays; Marc is buying enough lumber for a season of new sets; Kate is setting production meetings, hiring casts and in-class actors; and the new graduate students are meeting their professors.

The old saw that theatre is a collaborative art rings true again. There is a the hum of things about to be done at BPT. No. More than a sound. It's palpable.

This will be a great year of new plays, but I'm also looking forward to the re-commitment to our vocations the university calendar allows all of us here - the renewal of Fall.

Celebrate it. Go see a new play this season.

1 comment:

  1. The old saw – ha! I know you don’t want to scare the incoming class, but alums know the reason the saw hangs there: BPT professors mean business, and class deadlines are to be met. [I don’t miss my left pinkie. Much.]