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Saturday, October 30, 2010

1st First Friday: Alumni Night

Last night was BPT's first ever First Friday: Alumni Night. A group of us alums got together and watched Leslie's lovely, funny, heartwarming play, Two Wives in India. And as if that wasn't fun enough, we hung out in the back theatre and, like a flock of vultures, hovered over lots of wine, cookies, hummus with pita crackers, and--I'm happy to say--we made a serious dent in all of them.

(In the photo: Anna Renée Pattison, John Zakrosky Jr., Kate Snodgrass, Terry Byrne)
And since I seem to be onto a bird metaphor here--I'll go further with it (like I do) and say that leaving the comforts of the cozy BPT "nest," as an alum, can be--well cold...and scary. It feels great to go back to the comforts of our theatre home, warm up with wine, catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and to have the company and kindness of one of theatre's best people ever, Kate Snodgrass. We discussed the show, theatre we've seen recently around Boston, and bitched about how hard it is to be a playwright. I got to meet the talented playwright, Leslie Harrell Dillen, who is visiting from Santa Fe, New Mexico. Really--all you alums reading--if you weren't there, you should've been! But if you missed it, don't worry! We will be holding an Alumni Night on the First Friday of EVERY show at BPT-- so mark your calendars now for December 3rd, the First Friday (also opening night) of Child's Christmas in Wales.

And if you haven't seen Two Wives in India yet, you should get your tickets right away! Don't miss this enchanting show!

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