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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ugly Orange Chairs

Why does Boston Playwrights’ Theatre have so many ugly orange chairs?

One day Jake and I got a call from someone from somewhere on campus about hundreds of free chairs available from a hotel Boston University was renovating.  This was our opportunity to finally have a dozen or so ugly orange chairs at the theatre, so we hustled off to a warehouse just a few blocks west of BPT.

Not only was a flatbed truck filled with said chairs but the warehouse also seemed to be packed.  A gentleman whom I can only assume was the Ugly Orange Chair Shift Supervisor asked how many we wanted—Jake said seven...I said fourteen.

A few days later, in the pouring rain mind you, the chairs were delivered, and Jake and I spent the better part of the afternoon drying them and trying to cram every corner of the theatre with OUR ugly orange chairs.

And so goes the origin story for Boston Playwrights’ Theatre’s ugly orange chairs.

-- Mike

1 comment:

  1. Well, they *are* comfortable. I just think of them as having that "arlequino" vibe...