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Friday, November 12, 2010

'Sonia Flew' Flies Again: This Time at Wellesley

Like other grad students at BPT, I was lucky enough to have Melinda Lopez for a playwriting teacher and mentor this past year. I had read (and heard the broadcast of) her gorgeous play, Sonia Flew, but was living in California when it was in Boston. Strangely (and annoyingly) enough, I was in Boston this year when it was in California! My friends and family saw it, and are now big Melinda fans too. The point is, I've never seen it, and I've always wanted to, I finally can! There will be a limited run (through Sunday, November 14) at Wellesley College, where Melinda is a member of the faculty. Maybe you've seen this award-winning play already, or maybe you, too, have tragically missed it--either way, you should catch the student production of it. The production is a result of a collaboration process between Wellesley faculty members: Ken Loewitt, Nora Hussey, Diego Arciniegas, and Melinda Lopez. Boston actors like Scott Severance and Will Keary will join talented student artists on stage. For more information about this production click here. You can also call the Wellesley Theatre Box Office at (781)283-2000. See you there!

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