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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sounds of Saris

Karen MacDonald in Two Wives in India
I love many things about Leslie Harrell Dillen's charming  Two Wives in India.  But my favorite things about the production (aside, of course, from the text and the actors--who are brilliant) are the set, and the costumes, and the soundscape that evokes the country itself.  I love the world our designers have created.  The brightly colored tapestries hanging at the sides and above the stage flow and change with every light cue (thanks to Jon Savage), and those beautiful saris sparkle and shift under the lights--they're stunning (thanks to  Rachel Padula Shufelt)!  Then there's that wonderful Indian music that calms and soothes, and then makes me want to dance....(all due to  David Remedios).  I'm hooked.  "That's India," as the play professes, and I believe it.

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