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Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Quiet

Things are a little quiet at the theatre right now. Not quiet in the sense that Marc isn’t hammering away on something in the shop, or quiet in the sense that Jake isn’t playing his music, or quiet in the sense that I’m not talking endlessly about something or other. Quiet in the sense that classes haven’t started yet, quiet in the sense that there aren’t a hundred people buzzing around, quiet in the sense that the industry that is Boston Playwrights’ Theatre is at rest if only for the moment.

This will change…quickly. The students will be back next week, preparations for our upcoming show will be in full swing, production meetings, rehearsals, visiting theatres, playwrights, actors, students, everything will be pushing through the winter snow on a head-on course towards the spring.

While some quiet around here is definitely appreciated, I like it a lot more when the cogs are turning and the theatres are filled with actors emoting, sets being moved and audiences shuffling in and out. That’s when the theatre feels like a theatre. I’ll enjoy the winter quiet for now, but I’m looking forward to the spring ahead.

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