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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Searching the theatre

The other day I went searching through the theatre for a large black box. I was sure I had seen one before so I poked about here and there. Exploring a theatre is like rummaging through a dead relative's home…but BETTER!

The costume room at BPT is located up a flight of stairs next to the box office. It's packed with all manner of wigs, hats and men's sport jackets. I swear I only wore the long yellow wig for, like, a second.

If you continue further up into this room you'll find a closet. I'm pretty sure this is where you access John Malkovich's head* or at the very least Gary Sinise's.

Back downstairs and to the rear of the building are two dressing rooms filled with props. My favorite finds have been a meat hook and a machete…

If you keep walking you'll eventually make it to Marc's workshop and loft. I'm almost positive the floor was painted by Jackson Pollock and I think I found another machete. I had a feeling my black box was in the loft so I climbed the stairs and started searching through the piles of furniture and odd bits of scenery. This is where we keep all kinds of fun stuff. After trying to climb a ladder to…nowhere, I managed to find my black box.

I brought the box downstairs and thought about the kind of place I worked. I'm glad I'm not and insurance salesman.

*Unlike the Sunsphere at the 1982 Knoxville World's Fair, this room is not filled with wigs.

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