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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Boston Playwrights' Theatre plays host to a number of auditions every year--the annual StageSource auditions being the largest. Every June actors from around the country pack into the hallways of BPT to showcase their talents in front of Boston producers.

But the the feeling is palpable as you enter the hallway in the smallest of auditions as well.  Even two actors running their sides leaves a tension in the air you can't miss on your way to the printer.

While the energy of the offices at the theatre are definitely on edge during auditions,  we understand ... and sometimes we work from home.   It crosses my mind that I'm seeing these people at one of the most nerve-racking moments of their lives. A moment they may have spent hundreds of hours preparing.   I can appreciate that.  Sure,  hair product, cologne and perfume fill the hall with smells not unlike a Turkish bazaar, and the bathroom -- if you can stand in line long enough --  looks like the whale tank at SeaWorld, but this is the process, this is how we do what we do.

Plus, the kind individuals at StageSource usually bring us bagels...hint, hint.

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