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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Other BPT Employees

Just thought I'd give a quick shout out to all the people that make Boston Playwrights' Theatre run so smoothly. I'm not talking about Kate or Jake or Marc, I'm talking about the work-study students, interns, graduate students and alumni that help us run everything from paying actors to folding programs to writing parts of THIS VERY BLOG!

As you may or may not know Boston Playwrights' Theatre is part of Boston University and as such reaps the benefit of having student employees. Without the work-study program the box office would not run, no one would get paid and I think Jake would probably spiral into a paperwork-induced manic state.

The interns are another bunch altogether. They don't even get paid! They are the individuals responsible for the yearly donor party, fundraising letters and copying about a thousand scripts a semester. I once made an intern deliver posters to every Indian restaurant in Cambridge—I have no shame.

Finally, our alumni and graduate students. Not only are these individuals some of the most talented playwrights I've ever met, but they take classes, work the box office, props, stage running, and like I mentioned before a few of our more outstanding graduates even help write this blog. They are multitasking mega-people.

So, here's to you people. Boston Playwrights' Theatre would not be able to run without you. Our thanks and continued gratitude.

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