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Monday, April 25, 2011

Critic Ed Siegel says BPT's Volcano production "is a great tribute to Lipsky"

On WBUR 90.9fm, theatre critic Ed Siegel reviewed both the late Jon Lipsky's Walking the Volcano here at BPT and Stephen Karam's Sons of the Prophet at The Huntington. Below is an excerpt, but you can read the rest or listen to the broadcast.

"Boston Playwrights’ Theatre is currently staging 'Walking the Volcano' by Jon Lipsky, who passed away last month.

"'Walking the Volcano' is a very smart stitching together of eight 10-minute plays he wrote for the Boston Theater Marathon (which is coming up next month, also at Boston Playwrights’ Theater). Four actors play a variety of lovers, or in one case a father and daughter, who are debating whether to be stuck in the middle or live life in the fast lane. The play’s title refers to living along the edge, literally walking along a narrow ridge where one has to balance ecstasy versus security.

"The production is a great tribute to Lipsky, who was an old editor of mine and also gave me a painful lesson or two at the poker table before I became a theater critic. As the older couple, Paula Langton and Gabriel Kuttner are particularly moving, maybe because their life choices mirror those of a geezer like me a little closer. And the last playlet, with a woman dying of cancer, hits really close to home because of the playwright’s death.

"Lipsky would have been proud of the support that both the Boston Playwrights’ Theatre and the Huntington Theatre Company continue to give to his craft."

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