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Monday, April 18, 2011

Opps so great I wanna keep 'em to myself

The Huntington Theatre Company is now accepting applications for its Playwriting Fellows program. Huntington Playwriting Fellows are awarded two-year residencies during which they receive a modest stipend from the theatre, participate in a writers’ collective with the artistic staff, attend Huntington productions and events, and are eligible for readings and support through the Breaking Ground reading series. The Fellows program is supported by the Stanford Calderwood Fund for New American Plays. Read more about the program, and apply here

Also, help Playwrights’ Commons get going with a bang by applying for its Freedom Art Theatre Retreat. This exciting group -- founded by BU professor Ilana Brownstein, who also created the Huntington Playwriting Fellows program -- just launched its Web site, which features information about this opportunity. Art in the woods! Check it out.

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