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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

World premiere by Tuttle to open at 11:11 this week

The Great Heathersby Heist, a new musical written and directed by BPT alum Brian Tuttle, opens in its world premiere at 11:11 Theatre Company (where Tuttle is also Artistic Director) this week.

The Heathersby House is a beautiful museum in the heart of Boston that features a priceless heirloom art collection.  Unfortunately the museum is only famous for one thing: theft.  Twelve years ago thieves made off with $20 million in paintings.  Now three down-on-their-luck friends see opportunity where others see only empty frames.  If someone else could steal paintings, why couldn’t a trio of bumbling idiots make off with some artistic loot too?  In this world premiering comedy, everyone comes for the art, but they stay for the heist. 

Check out 11:11’s blog for behind-the-scenes goodies including a musical preview and interview with the show’s composer/lyricist (and production musical director) Erin Murray.

Tickets: $17 general admission,

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