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Monday, October 3, 2011

Alumni news, in brief:

What is this?*
Melinda Lopez’s Sonia Flew graced the stage at Bowling Green State University last weekend…

Monica Bauer’s new play Porter’s Will will receive a reading at The East End Naked Stage Company in November…

K. Alexa Mavromatis’ one-act True Blue will be part of NYC-based Playhouse Creatures' From Page to Stage Festival of Original Work in November, and her short play Bastard will be included in Looking Glass Theatre’s Writer/Director Forum in December…

Werner Trieschmann shared thoughts on monologue writing on the Playscripts blog last week…

*Why the photo of the Georgia Theatre?
  1) I wanted to include a photo of a theatre here, and I took this one weeks before the building burned in 2009.
  2) The Georgia Theatre (in my hometown of Athens Ga.) has a cool history, and has since been restored.
  3) Numbers 1 and 2 reminded me of the Paul Westerberg show I went to there, 15 years ago – truly one of the best nights of my life (this was a solo tour, not a Replacements-era booze fest…not that those shows didn’t have a strange charm). I stood next to this guy who told me he loved that his buddy and I both remembered every single word to “Androgynous,” and that because of this, his friend and I must be destined to be together. I never saw either one of them again.

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