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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The World of 'The Farm'

Dale Place and Lindsey McWhorter in The Farm

The Farm is a play about a two CIA agents, one of whom is being interrogated by the other about a case that has the agency questioning his stability. It is an extremely apprehensive battle. My character, Parker, is new to the agency, and has been given this assignment because of her admiration for Finn who is a highly trained veteran in the agency. The play keeps us on the edge of our seats up until the very last second and will hopefully do the same for the audiences.

I have really enjoyed working on this character with David Gammons and Walt McGough and working with the extremely talented Dale Place and Nael Nacer. David has done an excellent job with helping us to create the depth and tension necessary for this complexly thrilling world that Walt has created, and his excitement and enthusiasm has really inspired me as an artist.

I feel tremendously blessed to be working with Kate Snodgrass and Boston Playwrights' Theatre and hope everyone enjoys the show as much as I do.

-Lindsey McWhorter

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