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Monday, December 26, 2011

Kate on the One-Minute Play Festival Fight Club

Dominic, Dominic, Dominic.  That's who I think of when I hear One-Minute Plays (or OMPF). Dominic D'Andrea -- he's the OMPF GUY who called me about this strange and wondrous adventure we're all of us on now.  I said, "Uh...Dominic, is it a lot of work?  Because if I have to work...FORGETABOUTIT!"  (Okay, I'm overworked.  I know it, and now you know it.  I keep saying "Yes" -- this is my problem.) Dominic promised me no work.  No work, he said!  Okay, so there's ALMOST no work (he's doing most of it), and...I love him still.  Most of all, I love his passion about this whole process. You can't slow him down or pull him away from the goal of seeing these bite-sized morsels come alive.  Or maybe the metaphor is more like a slap.  Yes, I love it!  We're in a Fight Club!  And all of our proceeds, every single bit of what Boston Playwrights' Theatre earns, will go back to where it belongs -- to the entire playwriting community around Boston.

For those of you not in the know about BPT, the caveat we face is that we must produce playwrights who are associated to Boston University in some way -- all our productions come from our MFA alumni population of writers (unless, of course, someone else is paying -- would that be you?).  However, we despise elitism -- we want to help EVERYONE!  So these OMPF proceeds will go to helping playwrights in the community at large -- with staged readings in the spring in our Ground Floor Reading Series (as many as we can muster).  Playwrights need to hear their work out loud, and we pay our actors and directors a small honorarium out of respect.  Plus, BPT awards Black Box Fellowships every year, so these proceeds will help our Black Box companies do new work at our theatre.

Kate Snodgrass
Thanks to our wonderful directors directors -- Steven Bogart, Ben Evett, Megan Gleeson, Jason King Jones, Bevin O'Gara, and Summer Williams -- who are giving their time (and so are their actors) to do about 10 plays each. What a gas!  

It's all a Win-Win situation, this OMPF Fight Club.  I'm sure that Cha Cha Picante and his brother El Demonio will be there wrestling the crowds on January 7, 8, and 9 (Saturday, Sunday, Monday at 8 PM), so watch for their appearances.  In the meantime, get ready for the slaps, the punches, the black eyes, the bruises, and the absolute joy of the fight!  Ding-ding-ding!!  You thought the Boston Theater Marathon was fast, but you ain't seen nothin' yet!


With warmest regards (as I put on my boxing gloves),


And be sure to check out the One-Minute Play Festival blog, which features even more information about this fantastic event...and guest posts from participating Boston area playwrights including Ken Urban, Natalia Naman, and Israel Horovitz.

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