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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Support 'Deported'

Six weeks from tomorrow the curtain will go up at the Modern Theatre on Deported/a dream play, Joyce Van Dyke's new play about two women friends and the repercussions of the Armenian genocide. Opening night will mark the beginning of an exciting new phase of this play's journey, one that has unfolded through years of its unique development process…which you can read all about here.

This project needs your support. Here is how the Deported team describes its fundraising goals on its USA Projects page:

In an era of small-cast plays with two or three characters, this play has over 20 characters from different cultures, played by a cast of seven actors, plus seven dancers. Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, the producer, is a small non-profit theatre dedicated exclusively to the production of new plays. 

The cost of this non-profit production is $78,000, which is much more than Boston Playwrights’ Theatre's typical budget for a new play. We still need to raise additional funds. The artists have already raised over $17,000 for this production. Our USA goal is to raise the last $10,085 needed to meet the theatre's production costs. If we are lucky enough to raise more than $10,085, we will spend the additional funds on promotion and outreach to bring the play to the attention of the widest possible community.

Learn more about this amazing project on the play’s official Web site, a Q&A with playwright Joyce Van Dyke on this blog…and please consider making a donation via USA Projects. (And share this post with your friends!)

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