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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Final adjustments...

Joyce Van Dyke
Deported is about to open on March 8th and I feel like I’m in a dream state most of the time.  We’ve moved into the Modern and every day more and more of the set appears onstage.  I’m sitting at one of the tables – where the front rows will soon be installed – making notes and cuts and changes as we do a run-through of the play.

And I’m amazed as I always am at the amount of labor going on all around me by the stage management, set builder, director, actors, costume and lighting and sound and set designers, props person, marketing people and producers, those responsible for the venue at Suffolk, and so many others.  I wish the ticket buyers could have even a glimpse of the astonishing number of tasks that have to be accomplished to pull the play together.  I think it’s also amazing how tightly organized the process is, down to the smallest details – how the daily reports and notes and scheduling coordinate so much, how everybody incorporates the changes overnight.  It’s a level of organization that would be impressive in an established business – and here it’s happening with a group that’s just come together for this one voyage.  As I write this, I’m looking forward to tech – which I love because I get to watch everything getting stitched together.  

- Joyce Van Dyke, Playwright

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