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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Happy Family

Director Jeff Zinn
Towards the end of The Sussman Variations one of the characters raises a glass with the toast, “To the Sussmans.  A nearly happy family.”  After several weeks of rehearsal it struck me that it was as good a tag line as any for the play.  Every assembly of actors, designers, director, artistic director, stage management, office staff, (have I left anyone out?) form, at least for those few weeks we all come together to make it happen, a kind of family.  I can honestly say that this “Sussman Family” – not the one onstage, but the one creating the one onstage – is much more than “nearly happy.”  No, this is a really happy family and I’m not exactly sure why.  Every production has its own energy, some more, some less, positive than others. Sussman has been challenging, rewarding – and fun.  Lots of smiles in the room.  I wish they were all like that!

Jeff Zinn, director
The Sussman Variations

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