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Thursday, January 24, 2013

'Deported' heads to London

Excerpts from Joyce Van Dyke’s Deported/a dream play will be presented as part of Salon Mashup: Perspectives of Armenian Displacement and Regeneration, a collaborative arts + performance festival, in London Jan. 31-Feb. 3. The event is organized by The Armenian Institute, and will take place at Shoreditch Town Hall. Deported will be directed by Bill Barclay (Director of Music, Shakespeare's Globe), and will feature Agni Scott.

Here’s a little bit more about the event:
The concept developed by actor/director Seta White will bring together up to forty artists, performers, musicians, filmmakers, and others over a four day period.

“The idea is for a space where different artists and performers are able to collaborate, thus merging different artistic media,” White says. “I envisage Salon Mashup, with its creative energy channeled into exciting new work, to become a platform for Armenian culture today, the collaborations to inspire and lead to future work between the artists.”

The theme, subject to change from year to year, will in its inaugural incarnation present a diverse discourse to the experience of displacement and regeneration from a mostly British Armenian perspective. The exhibition, co-curated by Vazken Khatchig Davidian and Shoair Mavlian, will transform the underground maze beneath Shoreditch Town Hall into an art space. The tunnels will be used as a promenade where art and performance are ‘mashed up’ together, generating a free, raw and creative energy; therefore the resulting collaboration itself, in multiple permutations of contemporary art + performance, will synthesize into a complex and dynamic gesamtkunstwerk.

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