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Friday, September 9, 2011

What Terrifies You?

With Mortal Terror going up on Thursday, September 15, I wanted to know from the people involved in the production: What terrifies YOU? (And those of you reading, please comment right here on the blog and let us know about your rational -- and irrational -- fears!)

Kate Snodgrass (producer/artistic director):

1. My refrigerator breaking down again. (It was a nightmare.) When it starts making humming noises, I begin to worry.

2. Daddy Long Legs. They breed at the cabin where I go in Vermont every summer. Sometimes I don't see any, but if it's August (I don't know why),they show up. Lots of them. LOTS OF THEM. They're harmless, but...They're hard to see except on the white bedspread when I'm sleeping and it's the middle of the night and they're crawling

up toward my head and jumping from the floor and the curtains (and they're fast), and then 40 of them sit on my face. (It's a nightmare.)

3. I'll have to move back to Kansas. Enough said.

Robert Brustein (playwright):
1., 2., and 3. The current Republican leadership terrifies me.

Georgia Lyman (actor):

1. Not living up to my own expectations

2. Prolonged illness.

3. Slugs. Not kidding. It's an irrational fear.


  1. I'm going to have to echo not living up to my own expectations. I'm a psychotic perfectionist. And also my house burning down someday, especially if it's at night. When I was a very little kid (2-3 years old) I was absolutely terrified by the trippy Philip Glass color-and-music pieces on Sesame Street. I'd memorize where in the episode they'd come up and run and hide when I knew it was coming.

  2. Bees, wasps, and hornets. Scorpions. Anything that buzzes and/or has a stinger. The color white. Life without lip balm. My next door neighbors.

  3. as a child i was afraid of dead groundhogs. they kept me in summers. as an adult I'm afraid of coal mines, gas wells and flash floods. i don't go anywhere anymore.

  4. I hate whales. Large beasts that live in the sea...hate them.