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Thursday, September 8, 2011


BPT Friends Near and Far –

The first Playwrights’ Perspective post was one year ago today. Read it. It’s Jake waxing poetic about the promise of a new school year, and me (in the comments) being a smartass. In other words, not much has changed.

But since I’m forever interpreting our hits and misses by monitoring the blog’s statistics, what does a year look like in numbers? How about 188 (and this is number 189) posts about last season’s six BPT productions and the endeavors of its four staff and 38 alums (a number we need to grow, so keep us posted on all your doings, people) including reports of nine awards, three Off-Broadway productions, and one Broadway production. How’s that?

Most trafficked post thus far? The announcement of the running order of BTM13 (1,104 views).

Some other things that have happened over the past year, plus random fun facts:
  • Firefox has edged out Internet Explorer as the most popular browser used to view us
  • In fact, 12% of you read us on-the-go, on your phones and tablets (To the other 88%: Do you know we’re optimized for mobile? Take a look!)
  • An overwhelming majority of our readers are located in the U.S., but guess who comes in second? Australia!
  • And yeah, it’s a little embarrassing that if you look at the label cloud to the left, I’m the alum on top, but that’s just ’cause I tag the stuff I write here. Like this. Just thought you should know that.
  • But, if it *was* all about me, I’d have to say some of my favorite labels (after things like Broadway and Off-Broadway, of course) include Ethel Merman and, er, meat hook.
Yes, meat hook. Anyway, I digress. Now the most important numbers of all: Four amazing fellow bloggers, probably a dozen guest bloggers, and oodles (see – keeping it really scientific here) of you who have agreed to be questioned, poked, and prodded over the last year for the news and views that fill these pages. This blog is for you! Readers, you clocked more than 22,000 page views over the past year. Thanks for checking us out!

In sum (surely you knew the math puns were coming) I have to say that if all this blogging adds up (sorry) to anything, I hope the result (again, sorry) is a place where we can celebrate all things BPT and the myriad things its people -- past and present -- do, share that news with the larger community...and laugh a little. It’s been a great first year, and we’re gearing up for the new season, so stay tuned.

Happy birthday!  ;)

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  1. The birthday cake goes to Alexa for all the leadership, artistry and love she's given the little blog that could and did and is. Thank you, A.