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Friday, January 6, 2012

OMPFBOS: All the stuff (and more)

Boston Playwrights' Theatre | Jan. 7-9 | 8 p.m.
We hope you’re planning to join us this weekend for the first-ever Boston One-Minute Play Festival. Here’s a little information round-up, so that you’re ready for an exciting weekend.  
If you don’t have tickets yet, buy them now online or by calling (866) 811-4111.    
Live stream:
Tell your far-flung friends and fans that Monday night’s performance will be live streamed (and archived) on AVNPI/Arena Stage's New Play TV! 
OMPF Web site:
The OMPF site/blog has lots of good reading about the one-minute play experience, so make sure you check it out for additional information about the event…including posts from OMPF playwrights Lisa Burdick, Patrick Gabridge, Walt McGough, Rick Park, and more.        
This blog:
Don't miss Kate's thoughts on OMPF and parts one and two of our Q&A with OMPF Founder Dominic D'Andrea. 
Globe feature:  
Hot off the press, right here.  
WBUR's Weekend Arts Picks:  
Featuring a reading of Patrick Gabridge's Card Holder Services.
Use #OMPFBOS or #OMPF to spread the word and continue the conversation after the show!
"Like" the OMPF Facebook page and the invite to share!
List of plays (directed by Steven Bogart, Ben Evett, Megan Gleeson, Jason King Jones, M. Bevin O’Gara, and Summer L. Williams):
Hey by John Shea
No Ice by Christine Evans
Princess by Natalia Naman
Two And A Half Seconds by Matt Mayerchak
Tough by Ronan Noone
Boyfriend by Michael Hammond
Bye Bye Billy by Patrick Gabridge
Pop by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
Brothers by Ronan Noone
Wolf at the Door by Deirdre Girard
The Penguin Sees Forever by Walt McGough
Whitethorn by James McLindon
One Perfect Minute by Matt Mayerchak
Bad People by Emily Kaye Lazzaro
A Bright Spot by William C. Fancher
Card Holder Services by Patrick Gabridge
Portrait by March Schrader
Rest Stop by March Schrader
Snow Dome by Gregory Hischak
The Flaw by Peter M. Floyd
Sweet Girl by Anna Renée Hansen
Divine Intervention by S. Faria
Love No. 38 by Michael Bradford
Drive By Harvester by Joe Byers
Persuader by William Donnelly
Last Minute by Deirdre Girard
Daylight Savings by Gregory Hischak
The Fight by Israel Horovitz
Strangled Eggs by Dan Hunter
The Business by Jack Neary
The Punchline by Jack Neary
You've Been Approved by Rick Park
Exploding Watermelons by John Zakrosky Jr.
Too Much To Ask by Rosanna Yamagiwa Alfaro
Worse Than Demeaning by Rosana Yamagiwa Alfaro
That's That by William C. Fancher
Cups by Kirsten Greenidge
Wake by Heather Houston
A Minute Alone by Colleen Hughes
Giving Thanks by Colleen Hughes
The Man In The Moon by K. Alexa Mavromatis
What It Felt Like by Walt McGough
Monday Night by Natalia Naman
Dishes by John Shea
The Wind by Donna Sorbello
Curse Is Back by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich
Research by Michael Bradford
Rotary by Joe Byers
Ridiculous Profundity by Lydia Diamond
Check by Anna Renée Hansen
Bingo by Emily Kaye Lazzaro
Breathless by Christopher Lockheardt
Chicken Dance by K. Alexa Mavromatis
Traffic Stop by James McLindon
Swing And A Miss by Rick Park
Hide And Seek Ken Urban
Penny by Elizabeth Burdick
Quarrel by Lisa Burdick
Hit Play By William Donnelly
Space And Contract By Stephen Faria
Arrival by Peter M. Floyd
Lettuce by Kirsten Greenidge
The Verdict by Michael Hammond
In Person by Heather Houston
Water Heater by Dan Hunter
Reinforcement by Christopher Lockheardt
The Watch by MWALIM
See you there!

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