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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Try this at home: DIY Tony Awards

So just a few days before we opened it occurred to me (duh) that with the repeated references to the "two Tonys" won by the main character, Charlie Sussman, he would definitely have those awards prominently on display. So where do you get a Tony? A quick Google search reveals that replicas do not exist for purchase -- copyright/trademark issues. A few of us happen to know one or two fortunate ones who have won them, but would they be likely to loan the precious objects? Not likely. The images online suggested they wouldn't be hard to build but the set/props teams were already maxed out. So I decided to take a stab myself. In a former life I actually did this sort of thing...

We start with a scrap of 1/4" plywood scavenged from the BPT shop. The first step is to cut out the crescents that hold the medallion.

The medallion itself is the plastic lid from a cocoa tin (I happened to have two that matched, exactly the right size - 3.5").  Push pins and beads hold it in place.

The award itself is the easiest part.  Web image downloaded, sized correctly and laser printed.

Here's the tricky part.  The medallion attaches to the base with a kind of dome shape. I went looking for something round, made of wood, I could cut in half. Curtain finials do the trick.

A notch is cut (carefully) with a skill saw, then the top half cut off with a jig saw.

The base is 2"X4" pine. Rough assembly.

Next the plaque.  Electrical plate cut down.  Text printed on transparencies and attached.

Paint and final assembly (liquid nails, glue gun, screws)

At home on the set...

Jeff Zinn
Director (and Award Replica Ninja), The Sussman Variations


  1. You're a doll! In the midst of a hateful case of writer's block, I've been searching for inspiration. Now I can craft my own and prop it on my desk.

  2. Brilliant copy. What are the sizes so I can have a go myself!

  3. This is fantastic! I found pre-made replicas online, but the budget doesn't all for that kind of purchase. Thank you!

  4. What are the dimensions for this?