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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Join us this Sunday to get in on The Ground Floor with BPT's current MFAs

Spring has sprung, and that means it's time to see what the current class of MFA playwrights has in the works. This Sunday, April 28, at 6 p.m., The Ground Floor New Play Series will feature 30-minute excerpts of five new plays-in-progress. The reading is free and open to the public, and will be right here at BPT. 

Details about the line-up of plays are below. Join us!

Tough Love by Danyele Brickner
Directed by Rebecca Bradshaw
Featuring Evelyn Howe
Lights up. Young woman enters dragging dead body. It's not what you think. Or is it? Danyele Brickner brings humor and grit to this unusual coming of age story.

Elephants by Will Carter
Directed by Jeremy Johnson
Featuring Bill Mootos
Paul Manley loves the wrong person. Every time. Will Carter investigates the troubling nature of obsession and devotion: In a world created by a loving and forgiving God, who is to blame when things go terribly wrong?

Chop by Stephanie Brownell
Directed by Christopher Webb
Featuring Jessica Webb
This vegan cooking show serves up more than good nutrition. Our fixation on food is on the table in this witty and insightful play.

Meditation by Phil Schroeder
Directed by Thomas Martin
Featuring Alex Pollock
A young man struggles to quiet the demons in his mind…but they have a lot to say.

The Sand Beneath the City by Abbey Fenbert
Directed by Giselle Ty
Featuring Celeste Oliva
LJ has one hour to gather the faithful and lead them out of Detroit before the city is destroyed. The Voice told her so. But whose Voice? And should she stay and fight for the place she calls home? Abbey Fenbert's contemporary spin on the story of Lot's Wife, growing up Muslim in the USA, and a young woman's political and spiritual awakening.

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