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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Plays and Playwrights of BTM XV

Saturday Matinee by Allan Appel

Cleavage by Barbara Blumenthal-Ehrlich

Violence by Robert B. Boulrice

Exorcism by Alan Brody

Gun Play by Robert Brustein   

Rocky Road by Elisabeth Burdick

Solitaire by Andrea Fleck Clardy

Twilight (Years) by Mary Conroy

Dreams by Sean H. Crawford

The Interview by Brandon M. Crose

Sliding by Charlene Donaghy

On the Ward by William Donnelly     

Spitzer Yaw by Charles Draghi           

Curse the Darkness by Patrick Gabridge                     

Skirting the Issue by Gary Garrison     

For the Love of Egon by Hortense Gerardo                             

Hard Luck by Joseph Godfrey

Launching by Nancy Lucia Hoffman

Virtual Alex by Israel Horovitz 

New Year by David L. Hudacek

Red Drink by Obehi Janice

Stainless: A Love Story by Ben Jolivet

The Chapel Play by Lila Rose Kaplan

Tattoo You by Lisa Kenner

Even If by Terrence Kidd

The Nice Hotel by John Kuntz

Lost in Thought by Christopher Lockheardt     

The Quiz by K. Alexa Mavromatis

Magi by James McLindon                               

Out of Bounds by Charles Munitz

Return of the Curse by Jack Neary

Boyfriend by Ronan Noone

Skunky by Julian Olf

From Your Mouth to God’s Ears by Rick Park

Harbor Lights by Michael S. Parsons

No More Hog Jowls by Candace Perry

Lapse by Gail Phaneuf

Remembering Elizabeth by Jack Rushton

Stellas by Barbara Schweitzer

Bad Dogs and Best Friends by Phil Schroeder           

Just Like Tetraphobia by Cassie M. Seinuk     

Mary Durning’s Soup and Other Cultural Divides by Jane Denitz Smith

How Things Work by Lindsay Soson

Humorless by David Susman

Precious Little Things by Julia Specht

The Contender by Michael Towers

New American Sweethearts by Michael Trottier

Last Flight Out by Sinan Ünel

White Hole by Joyce Van Dyke

The Numbers Never Lie by Michael Wartofsky/Wesley Savick

Ask Me Something Cool by Caitlin Weisensee

Drive by James Wilkinson        

The One by Sheri Wilner

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