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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What is happening here?!

If you've been watching this space (and I honestly feel bad if you have), you've probably been thinking, "Well, she usually takes a little break after the Marathon -- when everybody's feeling a little blogged-out -- but...what happened?" Or something like that.

Here's the deal: This blog, as it presently exists, is run on Blogger and has always operated separately from the BPT Web site. BPT's new(ish, now) Web site is built on the WordPress platform and soon -- very soon, we are told -- the site will include an integrated blog complete with the archive of everything you've seen here over the past (gulp) almost four years.

But it's taking some time.

Any new posts would just have to be imported to the new blog (and reformatted, along with about 600 others!), hence the break. This migration project is just one [very small] project on the massive production calendar of Boston University's Information Services & Technology division, which keeps BU running. Literally. (They're amazing -- read about them.) And it's all pretty exciting so it's hard to be patient...but we must. They're slammed.

It will be worth the wait, I promise. The new blog will be easier to format (for us), easier to read (for you), and all the information you've read here will be in one (searchable!) place along with BPT's production history, photo archive, etc., to provide visitors the most comprehensive view of this place possible. The eventual fusion of our history (the Web site) and day-to-day (the blog) has been the goal since this version of Playwrights' Perspective launched in 2010.

I'm sorry for all the news and events I've missed lately; if we could have known more about what the exact timing of this project would be, I would've handled this transition a bit differently. But the good news is we should be up and running well before the new season gets going, with lots of interesting things to write about and see.

More soon.