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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Now we are two…and blogger is not a dirty word

In her Elliot Norton acceptance speech last spring, Kate graciously included me in her thank-yous as BPT’s blogger. After the ceremony, she asked if that bothered me. I think she wanted to know because I’m supposed to be a playwright. Did it bother me? The truth? No way. Because I am one. Right here, right now, with you. It’s unavoidable, really: I’m writing, you’re reading…and here we are on a blog. Sure, I came to BPT to learn more about being a playwright, but if I somehow managed to emerge both a playwright AND a blogger that is more than fine by me. (Although, for those of you at home who have blogging aspirations, a more direct -- and less expensive -- route is here. Or here. Just for the record.)

On Playwrights' Perspective's second birthday, here are some of the things I love about managing this blog:

I get to share the news – mostly happy happy happy, but sad sometimes, too.

…and continue conversations with people I adore.

Through the act of keeping this blog, I get to honor some of my heroes and friends who are community builders with a focus on service to others (Kate Snodgrass, Gary Garrison, Patrick Gabridge)…

…and discover new heroes too: Folks like Maria Popova, Austin Kleon, and Ira Glass (who’s an "old" hero too, but rediscovered and seen in a new light because of this, I suppose).

I get to interact with all of you and make unexpected discoveries.

And of course, there’s more goofiness than I can possibly link to here. Or here. (Mostly because I am goofy.)

On a serious note, I am excited to share that in its second year, Playwrights' Perspective grew 100 percent (traffic-wise) over its first. Wow. You are reading. Thank you! But I could not possibly do this by myself. Thank you to Kate, Jake, Mike, and Marc, and especially to everyone who so generously agrees to guest blog, gamely answers Q&As, and sends in updates (and photographs and news tidbits). This site exists for – and because of – you.

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  1. Blogger. Playwright. Blogger. Playwright. Blogwright. Playger. WHATEVER!! You ROCK big. I love our Blog!